It's Hanukkah, everyone's favorite candle-based holiday!

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Sunday night is the first night of Hanukkah. Or is it Chanukah? Will the world ever decide? Anyway, all across the world, eager Jewish children will be lighting menorahs and spinning dreidels and indulging in gelt and maybe having latkes and grappling with the knowledge that, though they may be very into the present they're getting tonight, nobody can sustain that run for the full eight nights of Hanukkah and so they'd better lower their expectations day by day. (Maybe the writer of this piece speaks from a slight bit of experience?) Anyway, it's fun!

So wherever you are, just pause for a moment and remember that thousands of years ago some candles lasted longer than they probably should have. Happy Hanukkah!

Here is a cartoon Albert Einstein singing about Hanukkah.

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