Hulton Archive/Getty Images

From the Great Lakes to the Atlantic, from Maine to Kentucky, a blast of cold, freezing, frigid, chilly weather is descending upon the land.

The headlines tell the story. Saturday is "the coldest night of the season" in Alabama. The first frost is coming to Delaware. Winter's arrived early in Michigan, which was sent a healthy helping of snow.

Everywhere, there is a sudden plunge in temperature, an organic whiplash for the senses that's sending everyone scrambling for their heaviest blankets. The culprit is a nasty cold front sending things tumbling into the 30s and even the 20s over Saturday night and into Sunday morning. Sunday itself isn't going to be much more fun. It's as though the weather wanted to definitively snuff out any lingering good vibes from the summertime. Keep your scarf handy, people!