It's Time to Call an End to the Omarosa Tapes Insanity

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Alright, I’m calling it. No more stories, no more interviews, no more nothin’ with these Omarosa tapes. The latest one, which the former Apprentice star debuted today on The View, truly sucks. It is so boring. Major yawn. It is over: She has run out of juicy details to share with us, and is now reeeeally scraping the bottom of the barrel as she’s increasingly out-juiced by Bob Woodward’s book.


On the latest surreptitious recording, which Omarosa Manigault Newman told the crew she recorded last October, Trump is still fixated with magically being exonerated from the Russian collusion allegations. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders can also be heard dutifully responding “absolutely” after Trump asks if she thinks the tide has turned on “the whole Russia thing.”


The scandal here is that Sanders agreed with Trump’s demented, self-serving drivel about how the Russia story will turn in his favor any day now. So? So??? He says this shit, and much worse, all the time on Twitter, and it’s Sanders’ job is to repeat it again in press briefings. Am I going insane? How is this a news story?

What this tape confirms to me is that, as suspected, most of what the White House staff spends their days doing is babysitting an old man who wanders into meetings uninvited and rambles about the dark cloud in his mind. If he wasn’t president and he was just any other old man with a rotting brain, he’d be mumbling about kids pushing over his trash can or a suspicious car he keeps seeing in the neighborhood.

The fact that Sanders went along with his desperate theory that the Russia story was going to turn around for him (spoiler: it hasn’t) isn’t any more evidence of her venality than what she does every day in public; it’s evidence that working with Trump is probably at least 50 percent comprised of soothing his ego and trying to get him to leave meetings.

But we knew that, of course. I am officially banging my gavel—bang bang!—and calling an end to Omarosa content unless she gets us the n-word tape.

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