It's time to pick up the pieces and get back to work

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Some news outlets will tell you that this a nation divided. But we all live here together, as neighbors, without walls between us, and we need each other more than ever. Fusion's mission is to tell stories of underrepresented voices, and we have done so, consistently. Going forward, that duty is even more important. We are essential. It's time to go all in.


We are the voice of the resistance, the voice that seeks to unite and not divide. We are devoted to reaching across party lines, state lines, and socio-economic lines, and to demolishing racial divides. The truth is that we're not a fragmented country—millions of us want to make sure this nation works for everyone, including immigrants, Muslims, Latinx Americans, people of color, women, LGBTQ Americans, people with disabilities, the working poor, and the disenfranchised. We are united in this common goal.

There's no changing the results; there's no moving to Canada. There's Work (with a capital ‘W') to be done here, including efforts we've already committed to, like:


That's just a start. There's so much more.

In many ways, the election has been the Fusion-iest story of the year. The future of America rests in a new, diverse generation, and it's imperative that our voices be heard. For generations, women, Latinx people, queer people, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, and people with disabilities have been othered, left out of the narrative, marginalized, disrespected. This is our time to prove that we, too, are America—the America of tomorrow. We will not be left behind. We're survivors, we're protesters, we're vocal, and we don't give up. Spreading factual information, championing tolerance, and finding strength in diversity are the building blocks for the world we will live in years from now.

In the words of voting rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, "Until I am free, you are not free either."

We have to pick up the pieces and get to work. We hope you'll join us in this fight.


—From the staff of Fusion

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