Ivanka: Daddy Won't You Please Save the Children

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White House adviser Ivanka Trump has long been criticized for exploiting her role as first daughter for personal gain while failing to serve as a moderating presence on the president. After being put through the ringer for posting a picture last month with her child while the rest of the country was righteously outraged over family separations, it seems this week things might finally have gone too far for Ivanka.

Yesterday, Donald Trump met with House Republicans to discuss immigration legislation, including a bill from his own party that he previously panned. More importantly, Trump also reportedly told attendees that his eldest daughter appealed to him to end family separations at the border.

As NPR reported:

“He mentioned that his daughter Ivanka had encouraged him to end this and he said he does recognize that it needs to end, that the images are painful,” [Florida Rep. Carlos] Curbelo said. “He discussed the optics and the policy itself and I think he’s not comfortable with either.”


What did Ivanka actually say, according to Trump?

Hmm. Perhaps Ivanka Trump has realized that human rights abuses aren’t a good look for the Trump brand. Perhaps there’s something about seeing children undergoing deep trauma after being torn from their parents that sparked a modicum of compassion in her. And while it’s nice of her to do the absolute minimum and “Daddy Dearest” the president about this, it’s disgusting that it took several thousand children being thrown in cages for her to think about piping up. And if Ivanka’s losing record of lobbying her father is any indicator, it won’t work this time, either.