Ivanka Trump Did It Again (a Bad Tweet)

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Ivanka Trump did what she does best and posted yet another eye-roll-inducing tweet this morning.


The video Trump touted shows a young man who walked 20 miles to his first day at work after his car broke down and was gifted the company CEO’s personal car for showing such dedication.

“Touched by this beautiful act of kindness,” Ivanka’s tweet reads.

The video itself is indeed touching. But the tweet begs the question, who is Ivanka Trump to talk of kindness? She is the daughter and senior adviser to President Trump, the same man who rolled out the heartless zero tolerance family separation policy, stood by alleged sex predator Roy Moore and took a “both sides” approach when white supremacists instigated violent protests in Charlottesville.

The only love and kindness she’s ever shown is towards her own family, like when she posted an extremely tone-deaf mother and daughter photo as other people’s children were being torn away from their parents’ arms.

What would actually be touching is if Ivanka tried to do something real about the more than 2,500 migrant children who are still separated, or tried to empower women like she said she would. Right now, she just sounds like a hypocrite.

Editorial Intern, Splinter