Ivanka Trump's Black History Month Celebration Is About as Worthless as You'd Expect

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Ivanka Trump, store credit at Tory Burch personified, wants you to know that this Black History Month, she too is a friend of black people. And white people. And brown, or purple, or green! Because Black History Month, the month dedicated to celebrating the legacy and achievements of black people in America, is about all people.


Yesterday evening, the useless HR lady of America tweeted:

First of all, this is pretty fucking rich, coming from someone whose father is a huge racist who still thinks the Central Park five are guilty, had to settle with the Department of Justice over housing discrimination, and defends white supremacists. Trump then goes on to All Lives Matter Black History Month, by trying to pull some “regardless of race or background” shit which is more a refusal to address black people in this country.

Also, as Bossip points out, she clearly has no idea what “sojourn” means. Sojourn refers to a “temporary stay,” which uh, makes no sense in this context, unless she considers freedom for black people in America to be temporary. Which is very possible because it’s Ivanka.