J.R. Smith posts photo wearing a shirt after President Obama tells him to put one on

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When is it time to put on a shirt? Is it when the hot takes come that focus on your shiftlessness? When a sports website chronicles a timeline of your lack of a shirt? When you’re golfing?


Or how about when President Obama calls and tells you to put on a shirt?

It looks like it might be the latter for J.R. Smith, who took off his shirt after the Cleveland Cavaliers won on Sunday night and was photographed for most of the week not wearing a shirt. From the social media posts from the Cavs’ celebration in Las Vegas, it appeared he took off his shirt after arriving in Las Vegas and didn’t put it back on again. SportsCenter compiled a highlight reel of shirtless Smith.


SB Nation also compiled a timeline of Smith without a shirt.

While his fans celebrated him on Twitter with the hashtag #teamnoshirt, not everyone was delighted. Pioneer Press sports columnist Joe Soucheray wrote a column on Tuesday asking “For an NBA champion, is a shirt too much to ask?” You can probably guess what happens next: Soucheray sighs throughout the column about the message Smith is sending by being shirtless.

Smith either didn’t read the column or didn’t listen because he didn’t have a shirt on at the Cavs’ parade on Wednesday. He was photographed ahead of the parade with a shirt on, but shed it by the time he was celebrating.


On Thursday, he wore a shirt to a golf outing, but then was photographed outside without the shirt on.


On Friday, the Cavaliers posted on Twitter a video of Coach Tyronn Lue. While they talked about the team’s victory (and Obama’s fears of “popping an Achilles”), Obama had some advice for Lue. “Tell J.R. and everybody to put a shirt on. You can’t be just walking around without a shirt for like, a whole week.”


Smith posted a photo on Instagram on Saturday morning declaring “Great morning world!” where he was wearing not just a shirt, but a whole suit. Goodbye, our shirtless friend.


Meanwhile, Smith posted on Twitter a link to buy his tattooed look — as a shirt. Shirtless for some, but not for all, eh?

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