Jared Kushner <3s Apps

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White House advisor, First Son-in-Law, and aspiring grown-up Jared Kushner has been a very bad boy during his time in the Trump administration. According to a new letter sent from the House Oversight and Reform Committee to the White House, Kushner has used the popular teen messaging platform WhatsApp to carry out official government business, including reportedly reportedly DMing with his murderous bestie, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

In the letter, sent from committee chair Elijah Cummings to White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, Cummings claimed that this past December, Kushner’s attorney Abbe Lowell “confirmed that Mr. Kushner has been using WhatsApp as a part of his official duties in the White House.” Cummings also claims that Lowell told him that to attempt to comply with White House records keeping laws, Kushner will take screen grabs of his WhatsApp messages and forward those on to his official White House email account.

When Lowell was asked whether Kushner had ever used WhatsApp to convey classified material, according to Cummings, Lowell responded: “That’s above my pay grade.”


On Thursday, Lowell pushed back on some of Cummings’ allegations, writing in his own letter to the chairman that he’d never said who, specifically, that his large adult client was WhatsApp-ing with, and that he’d told the committee that if there were concerns about Kushner’s use of the app, “that is a question for White House counsel, not me.”

Cummings’ letter to Cipollone comes as part of the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s ongoing investigation into various White House staffers, their highly suspicious security clearances, and other alleged malfeasances. The White House, for its part, has essentially told the committee to go screw themselves.

Cummings has given Cipollone a new deadline of April 4 to provide new documents on Kushner’s app habit. I’m sure this time around, the White House will be totally gracious and forthcoming.