Jared Kushner Reduced to Meeting With the Saddest Group in Washington

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Devilish 1920s society cad and J. Crew spokesmodel Jared Kushner was supposed to be a star of the Trump administration. He was gonna fix the Middle East, using only his impish good looks and the unearned confidence of a man born to incredible wealth. Then he was going to do prison reform, which ABC described as a “personal passion” of his. Sure!


But since the Russia Thing got a bit real, Jared has had to keep a lower profile. According to Politico, him and Ivanka Trump prefer “to lay low during hectic moments because they don’t want to be associated with stories about chaos in the White House.” Or, in another more likely explanation for their reduced visibility: they “have a tense relationship with chief of staff John Kelly, who has whittled down the expansiveness of their White House portfolios and revoked Kushner’s high-level security clearance.”

So what’s Jared doing with his time now that his wings have been clipped? According to an invite posted on Twitter by the Huffington Post’s Matt Fuller, oh man, it’s real sad:

Yep, Jared headlined a meeting of the congressional Problem Solvers Caucus, which grew out of the centrist organization No Labels, a deeply embarrassing group that attempts to reframe laws that help corporations as sensible moderate policies. It was in the news recently for helping conservative Democrat Dan Lipinski survive a primary challenge because his opponent supported Bernie Sanders, “WHO IS NOT EVEN A DEMOCRAT,” as its founder and CEO noted in an email obtained by the Intercept. (Very much in keeping with the idea of “labels” being bad.)

Anyway, it is very funny, to me, that Jared Kushner has gone from doing photo ops in a fitted bulletproof vest in Iraq to attending a meeting with one of the most laughed-at and largely useless groups in Washington with Grover Norquist and Van Jones. Hehe.

Splinter politics writer. libby.watson@splinternews.com