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Today marks the 20th anniversary of the first episode of “My So-Called Life,” the blink-and-you-missed-it TV drama that has by now reached cult status. The show was a prime-time failure, lasting only 19 episodes in its first and only season.

But the ensuing two decades (!) have, as the story so often goes, rewritten the critical hivemind on “My So-Called Life.” A new appreciation for the show's attempts at tackling serious matters in a realistic way have dovetailed perfectly with ‘90s nostalgia to enshrine the show in the annals of Best Things Ever.

Old TV shows (and their stars) usually don't age well. But Jared Leto is an exception. His portrayal of bad boy Jordan Catalano remains a teenage archetype for the hot, flawed hot-guy-with-a-guitar you could totally fix (even if Claire Danes' character Angela could never manage to).

Two decades after “My So-Called Life,” Jared’s still a babe, doling out useful advice. Some things never change, and that’s so okay—check out this proof that Jared Leto is still really Jordan Catalano.

Both Jordan of the 1990s and Jared of the 2010s want you to remember—life is all about acceptance.


He’s still reminding you to embrace the inherent absurdity of every day.


Both Jordan and Jared say that sometimes the best experiences are non-verbal.


And finally, both are here to remind you that self-reflection is always a good thing.


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