Jeb Bush makes a big 2016 announcement with a camera phone video

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Jeb Bush took his most concrete step toward running for president on Tuesday, announcing the launch of a new political action committee.


The former Florida governor's leadership PAC will be called the Right to Rise PAC, and it will allow Bush to solicit funds from major donors and spend money on political activities

Bush's announced the PAC in two short camera phone videos posted to Facebook and Instagram, one in English and one in Spanish.


"Today, we're setting up the Right to Rise PAC, which is a PAC to support candidates that believe in conservative principles to allow all Americans to rise up," Bush said.

The PAC could also fund political staff and travel as he considers a run for president. The creation of fundraising apparatus also gives Bush a head start on his potential 2016 rivals.

On its website, the PAC posted a mission statement that could offer a hint at Bush's campaign message. It focused on income inequality, often a sore sport for Republicans.


"While the last eight years have been pretty good ones for top earners, they’ve been a lost decade for the rest of America," the statement reads. "We believe the income gap is real, but that only conservative principles can solve it by removing the barriers to upward mobility."

The statement also touches on two issues where Bush could be vulnerable with conservative primary voters: immigration and Common Core education standards. It demands that politicians "fix our broken and obsolete immigration system, and give all children a better future by transforming our education system through choice, high standards and accountability."


Bush allies also plan to launch a super PAC in the coming days, according to Fox News and Politico. He is working fast to build up his political network; just last month, Bush announced he would "actively explore" a run for president.

Jordan Fabian is Fusion's politics editor, writing about campaigns, Congress, immigration, and more. When he's not working, you can find him at the ice rink or at home with his wife, Melissa.

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