Jeb Bush Wants Someone to Primary Trump (Not Jeb, Though)

Photo: Bryan Bedder (Getty)

America under President Donald Trump has gotten so unfathomably ridiculous and awful, that it’s easy to forget the absolute murderers row of ghouls, kooks, and noodle-brains he beat out for the Republican presidential nomination way back in the halcyon days of 2016. But never fear: Jeb! Bush (please clap) is back to remind the world that he is the feckless wiener America needs in this time of crisis. Well, not him, exactly. Just someone who takes his expert political advice.

On Monday, Bush spoke with former Barack Obama advisor David Axelrod for CNN’s The Axe Files. And in what might be his most significant contribution to the political discourse since saying Trump’s kids didn’t love him, Jeb insisted that someone in the GOP should maybe think about running against Trump in 2020, because that’s what real conservatism is all about. (As a side note, Donald Trump’s approval rating with Republicans is 90 percent right now.)


And who might that primary challenger be? Not Jeb! Speaking with KDKA in January, the hoodie wearing, gun tweeting, male-gazing onetime Republican savior gracefully bowed out of any 2020 presidential plans, saying:

I’m not [running.] I did it with passion and conviction about the needs to fix some things that are really broken in our country. The voters in the Republican Primary had a different view on it and I accept the results.

This looks like a job for...someone else! Thanks, Jeb.

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