is the website to go to for more information on the current leading Republican candidate

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If you were expecting to be owned by presidential candidate Jeb Bush, prepare to be surprised.

The website at contains nothing but a redirect to send all traffic to, the official campaign website for one Donald J. Trump, also running for president. The actual Bush campaign website is at

The website appears to have never been owned by the campaign. A CNN article from April reported the domain was for sale for $250,000. Looks like a very wealthy, very classy buyer has been found.


Domain registration records for the website have been blocked using a third party making it difficult to know with certainty who is behind the domain. Other than, you know, someone sending everyone going to to

Domain name bait-and-switches are just another hazard of running a political campaign on the internet these days. At least two other Jeb Bush redirects exist, with redirecting to the personal site of a gay couple, while is a pretty standard anti-Bush site that asks big questions like "Do glasses make Jeb look smart?"

One of the oldest such examples goes back to the 2004 presidential elections. In a debate with vice presidential candidate John Edwards, Dick Cheney quoted website Except he said, which quickly redirected all the incoming clicks to an anti-Bush site.

Cheney and his little-known running mate went on to win that election, so maybe this is just the gaffe that Team Jeb! has been waiting for.

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