Jeff Flake Suggests Someone Like Jeff Flake Should Primary Trump in 2020

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Jeff Flake’s conscience of a conservative has driven him to write a book about how Donald Trump Is Bad, Jeff Flake Is Good and give a nice-sounding speech about the “degradation of our politics” late last year, when he announced his retirement from the Senate. Now Flake’s conscience is telling him that someone like him—not him, necessarily, no sir—should challenge Trump in a primary ahead of the 2020 presidential race.


Here’s Flake on Meet the Press on Sunday:

Chuck Todd: Why are you leaving?

Jeff Flake: As a Republican who believes in free trade, limited government, economic freedom, I couldn’t be re-elected in my party right now. Somebody who voices reservations about where the president is or criticizes his behavior, like last night, it’s tough to be re-elected in a Republican primary.

Chuck Todd: He’s running for re-election already, he announced that last night, basically. Do you think he needs to be challenged from somebody who espouses your views?

Jeff Flake: Yes, I do.

Flake’s conscience also told him to vote with Trump 85% of the time, including on major legislation like the tax bill, all of the Obamacare repeal bills, and to confirm controversial nominees like Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who’s doing a great job. A strong challenger to Trump indeed!

Clio Chang is a staff writer at Splinter.