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During a press conference Friday about the arrest of Cesar Sayoc, who’s been charged with sending more than a dozen packages with explosive devices to prominent Democrats and media figures, Attorney General Jeff Sessions went wayyyy out on a limb and conceded that, perhaps, yes, Sayoc “appeared to be a partisan.”

Sessions took a question from a reporter, who asked him directly why Sayoc was specifically targeting Democrats.


“I don’t know,” Sessions responded, smirking. “Other than what you might normally expect. He appears to be a partisan.”

From what we know so far, Sayoc used his social media accounts to constantly post about his support for Trump, and his now-deactivated Facebook showed footage of him at Trump rallies.


And then there’s also his van, which was found plastered with right-wing political bumper stickers. From the official complaint against Sayoc:


News crews caught a shot of the van before it was covered with a blue tarp by authorities. Several of the stickers on his van appeared to match images on Sayoc’s now-deactivated Facebook. (His Twitter account, where he posted plentiful threats at members of the media and politicians, has also since been suspended.)

Screenshot: Facebook

So, yes, it is possible Sayoc was “partisan” in his motivations. Thanks for that, Jeff!

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