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Life is hard for lots of people.

People who've suffered under systemic social and economic discrimination. People who've been arrested and prosecuted for crimes at racially disproportionate rates. People who, through no fault of their own, were brought into the United States as young children, and now find themselves stuck in legal limbo between the only home they've ever known deportation to their parents' country of origin. Life is absolutely hard for them.

Life is also, evidently, pretty hard for Sen. Jeff Sessions, a white, career politician whose personal wealth is estimated to be between $3–17 million.

Why is life so tough for Sen. Sessions? Because—despite having spent decades pursuing, defending, and enforcing legislation that disenfranchised any number of disempowered minority communities in the United States—the Alabama Republican just hates it when he's called racist.

We know this, because he said so when asked by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, during his confirmation hearing for Attorney General on Tuesday.


Never mind that allegations of Sessions' racism have nothing to do with his avuncular southern accent, and have everything to do with his, y'know, actual history. It's just a real downer to be called a big ol' meanie.

Poor Jeff.