Jesse Watters Finds a Way to Jeer Ilhan Omar's Death Threats

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Fox News host Jesse Waters—known for spewing racist, sexist putrid garbage all over the network—simply couldn’t help himself on Wednesday evening’s episode of The Five, shit-talking Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and shrugging off the arrests of people who have made threats on her life.

Speaking about Meghan McCain’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where Meyers challenged McCain’s comments tying Omar to anti-Semitism, including the California synagogue shooting, Watters questioned why “the left” would stand up for Omar.

“I think the reason they do that, it’s not because they want to protect her personally, because she’s not that talented, she doesn’t raise a lot of money, she’s not that likable or empathetic,” Watters said. “The left wants to protect the ability of the left to traffic in anti-Semitism.”


Only on Fox News would a woman being “likable” and a “money maker” be a necessary excuse to defend her against threats on her life.

“I don’t think you want to be [to the left] when you’re in line for that late night show, and when everybody gets death threats. McCain gets them big time. We get them, we don’t whine about them,” Watters said, willfully minimizing the credible threats against Omar and the multiple arrests made in connection to them.


In New York, a man was arrested in April for calling Omar’s office and threatening to “put a bullet in her fucking skull,” later telling FBI agents “if our forefathers were still alive, they’d put a bullet in her head.” Two weeks later, a second man was arrested in Florida after making threats to Omar and Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib in a voicemail he left for Tlaib.

“...It was your Taliban, bitch, who fucking opened up her fucking towel head mouth about ‘some people did it,” the Florida man reportedly said. “You know what, she’s lucky she’s just getting death threats...So are you. All right?…‘Cuz the day when the bell tolls…and this country comes to a war, there will be no more threats.”

And a bomb threat was called into the California hotel where Omar made her speech against Islamophobia at the Council on American Islamic Relations of Greater Los Angeles banquet in March. That same month, the FBI opened an investigation into a threat written in a men’s bathroom in a Minnesota convenience store that read, “Assassinate Ilhan Omar.”

But sure, wE aLl GeT dEaTh ThReAtS.