Jesse Watters Says We Don't Want 'Some Guy's Uncle From Zimbabwe' in America

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Fox News host Jesse Watters said on a panel discussion about President Trump’s proposed immigration bill that Trump merely wants the “best and the brightest” immigrants, not “some guy’s uncle from Zimbabwe.” Oh.

“Zimbabwe?” Williams responds with a tone of voice that is the aural equivalent of an eyebrow raise. “Or Thailand, Norway,” Watters replies, clearly trying to think of a white country.


As Mediate points out, Watters made this ass-showing comment in response to his cohost of The Five, Juan Williams, stating correctly that Trump is against not just illegal immigration, but also wants to cut down on legal immigration. Watters response just makes it clearer that to Trump’s base, the “problem” of immigration is really the problem of non-white immigration.

Journalist Robert Wheel probably had the best take on this:


Ah, the wonderful world of cable news.