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As you may know, CBS came under intense fire earlier this week after it revealed a fall lineup which, for the second year in a row, included zero shows with a female lead.

The CBS execs passed if off as just the luck of the draw (gee, women sure do have bad luck!) and also refused to believe that their all-white casting departments had anything to do with the overwhelming whiteness of their content.

Luckily, while CBS busies itself bending the rules of logic in order to stick to its guns, Jessica Chastain—actor, friend of animals, and also fierce vocal anti-sexism advocate—jumped on Twitter and fired off a quick hit at the network.


She also shouted out OWN’s Queen Sugar.


Chastain made headlines back in May when, as a jury member at Cannes, she called out the dearth of female storytellers at the festival and the subsequent lack of depth in the various female characters she saw on screen. It just goes to show, if you’re going to continue deny women access in Hollywood, Chastain will chastise.