Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

"You've let a lot of people go over their time," Jim Webb insisted at one point of CNN's Democratic presidential debate as moderator Anderson Cooper tried to cut him off. "I've been waiting for 10 minutes. I will say this."

That wasn't the only time the former senator from Virginia called attention to a perceived lack of airtime during Tuesday night's debate. On at least half a dozen other occasions, the 2016 hopeful made the apparent slight known, even asking Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to "say my name" in order to tag-team him into a discussion.

But, as it turns out, Sen. Webb spoke way more than he thought during the debate.

Per The New York Times' calculation, Webb spoke for 15 minutes and 35 seconds, which means that he spoke for almost seven minutes more than former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee. But since big blocks o' granite don't cry, we didn't hear a peep out of that guy.


Bad at filling out bios seeks same.