Jimmy Kimmel Did a Good Tweet

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Jimmy Kimmel, sometimes referred to as “the conscience of late night TV,” found himself in a Twitter feud with accused pedophile Roy Moore on Thursday. Kimmel did not one, but TWO, good tweets! Love to laugh.


It all started when Kimmel, big time prankster, sent a comedian to Moore’s rally at an Alabama church on Wednesday night. Sermon might be a more accurate word to describe his characteristically unhinged speech. Anyways, the Kimmel plant, who was posing as a Moore super fan, interrupted the sermon and was escorted out.

Moore caught wind of Kimmel’s prank and did not think it was funny:

Kimmel responded:

Moore replied (not funny):


Kimmel got the last word in (good tweet):


Sick burn. Kudos to Kimmel’s staff for being good at their jobs: writing punchlines.

This post will be updated if Moore responds. (He is unlikely to respond.)

Night Editor, Splinter