Jimmy Kimmel's Gut-Wrenching Story About His Baby Becomes An Indictment Of GOP Health Care Cruelty

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When he’s not busy convincing parents to lie to their children, or making unwitting pedestrians look like dim-witted nimrods on national television, late night talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel is actually able to make a damn good point about America’s healthcare system.

On Monday night, during a monologue that was equal parts wrenching and hilarious, Kimmel told viewers how his newborn son nearly died as a result of a congenital heart disease.

“Before I go into it, I want you to know it has a happy ending,” Kimmel noted.

But, Kimmel went on, his family’s happy, healthy ending is at risk, thanks to President Donald Trump.


“We were brought up to believe that we live in the greatest country in the world,” Kimmel explained. “Until a few years ago, millions and millions of us had no access to health insurance at all. You know, before 2014, if you were born with congenital heart disease, like my son was, there’s a good chance you’d never be able to get health insurance, because you had a preexisting condition.”

“If your baby is going to die and it doesn’t have to, it shouldn’t matter how much money you make,” Kimmel continued. “I think that’s something that whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat or something else, we all agree on that, right? … No parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child’s life. It just shouldn’t happen. Not here.”

Kimmel is currently on paternity leave to spend time with his newly-expanded family. Congressional Republican, meanwhile, are trying to push through their abysmal version of health care reform one more time.