Joe Arpaio Says He'd Probably Let Donald Trump Blow Him In Latest Sacha Baron Cohen Dupe

Screenshot: YouTube (Sacha Baron Cohen)

Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff who earned Donald Trump’s pardon after being convicted on charges stemming from his total inability to stop racially profiling suspects in Maricopa County, AZ, became the latest victim of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show Who Is America? last night.

In the latest installment, Cohen posed as a Finnish YouTuber. After warming Arpaio up with talk about stockpiling guns “for the upcoming race war,” he eventually got Arpaio to say he’d probably accept oral sex from President Trump.

“I may have to say yes,” Arpaio responded, when asked if he would accept an “amazing blowjob” from Trump.


Arpaio had earlier admitted to being duped by Cohen back in July, after he saw that arch conservatives like Dick Cheney were also fooled.

“I start thinking, ‘Wait a minute, this could be the interview I had, too,’” Arpaio said. “I was kind of mad at myself.”


Unfortunately enough for the aged former sheriff, half-joking about throwing immigrants into your “concentration camp” means you should be dogged by comedians and far worse until the end of your days. Sorry, I don’t make the rules!

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