Joe Biden Is Just Not Good at This

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Joe Biden did not have a great day yesterday.

After losing his mind at a reporter for asking him whether or not Donald Trump is a white supremacist (he is, but it’s not like Biden is exactly the best person to say this), Biden spoke in front of the Iowa Asian and Latino Coalition on Thursday night. While talking about his K-12 education plan—which isn’t half-bad, all things considered—he dropped this whopper.

“We should challenge students in these schools to have Advanced Placement programs in these schools,” Biden said. (That’s not exactly how it works, Joe, but alright.) “We have this notion that if you’re poor, you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Biden then just started naming kinds of kids to cover up for his mistake. “Wealthy kids. Black kids. Asian kids,” he said. “I really mean it.”


The Trump campaign immediately jumped all over this; rapid response director Andrew Clark’s tweet of the clip has over 16,000 retweets and 42,000 likes as of right now.


Joe Biden has always been a self-described “gaffe machine,” but so far in this race, he’s been on another level. It just keeps happening, and because of Biden’s long career and all of the bad things he’s done over the course of that career, you can always find more where that came from, like when Biden said that Iowa schools are better than D.C. schools because there weren’t as many black kids in Iowa schools. It’s not just a bad case of pudding brain; Biden actually seems to believe “black” is a synonym for “poor.”

There has been no point throughout the campaign so far where Biden has looked like he can beat Donald Trump and then be president for four years, let alone eight, and yet he’s still leading the Democratic field. by a solid margin. Why? Because of the electability scam.


Democrats are falling into the same “play it safe” strategy they did four years ago; as Biden continues to prove, though, lining up behind his run is anything but a safe move.