Joe Biden's Campaign Staff Is at the End of Their Damn Rope

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It’s not often that you should feel bad for people who willingly sign up to help Joe “Son” Biden reach the White House, but today might just be one of those days.

After Biden stepped in his own shit on Tuesday and refused to stop spouting off memories of racist segregationists he used to rub elbows with in The Good Ole Days, he further calcified his heinous position Wednesday night. Speaking to a gaggle of reporters, Biden sniped back at Sen. Cory Booker—who criticized Biden in an interview with CNN for waxing poetic about his early Senate years alongside James O. Eastland—saying Booker should be the one forced to offer an apology rather than the former vice president.

“Apologize for what? Cory should apologize,” he said. “He knows better. There’s not a racist bone in my body; I’ve been involved in civil rights my whole career. Period. Period. Period.”


Now, aside from Biden’s obviously Trump-esque refusal to acknowledge his misstep, there’s a bit of dark irony to be found in the fact that Biden brought up the notion of people who should “know better.” Because according to multiple reports, Biden was warned numerous times by his advisors and aides to pick someone—anyoneother than Eastland as an example of the bipartisanship his campaign is selling so hard.

“It might move him to pick a different senator,” an anonymous adviser told the Washington Post. “But he’s not someone you can go to and just say, ‘You’ve been doing this x number of years and you can’t do this anymore.’ ”


Another campaign source told Politico the constant segregationist references have been “a point of contention,” but conceded that “there’s only so much we can do. This is his decision.”

If you’re wondering what that sweet, sweet sound you’re hearing is, it’s a dozen haughty millionaire D.C. consultants realizing simultaneously that it might have been a bad idea to back the one major Democratic candidate who was pals with Jesse Helms. If only someone would have advised them against it in the first place.


Should any of you also be Biden campaign staffers or aides, 1) Hello, are you lost? but also 2) If you have any segregationist-related grievances you’d like to air, email me.