Joe Manchin Keeps Trump's Greenland Dream Alive

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On Sunday, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) treated President Donald Trump’s pipe dream of buying Greenland as a serious policy proposal during a television appearance on CBS. A somber remind that this is something Manchin has to do because Donald Trump remains president, and even his dumbest ideas have to be taken seriously.

After admitting that Trump is not committing to supporting Manchin bill to increase background checks for gun sales, Manchin was asked about his recent trip to Greenland by Face The Nation. Brennan obviously wanted to know what one of Trump’s favored Democrats thought about the idea (even though Greenland has already told America to stfu).

Manchin said he witnessed the effects of “global climate change” on his trip. But then he got to the (mildly) interesting part: “And we have a very strategic base up there— a military base which we— we visited. And I understand that the strategic logic for that, in that part of the world in the Arctic opening up the way it is now,” Manchin said. “So that was a very interesting proposal that was thrown out, but we haven’t heard much about it.


But then he said this incredible sentence: “I’m on Armed Services. And we should be getting a secured briefing pretty soon on that.”

Trump is president, and we have to treat his dumb dinner-party ideas as potential policy proposals. That means the Senate Armed Services Committee will get a briefing! Amazing!


The only good thing is that the most Manchin has heard about this proposal is “basically what’s been reported on the news.”