Joe Manchin: We Need to Protect Our Dumb Baby President From Telling Lies

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Ahead of Tuesday night’s wall-to-wall coverage of Donald Trump’s Oval Office address on immigration, CNN—which will also be broadcasting the speech live—got the chance to ask Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin if he’s “concerned the president will lie” on the TV.

Manchin said he is not worried about the president lying, he’s worried about the scumbags whispering lies in our dumb sweet boy’s ears.


“Jim, I’m concerned that someone is totally misinforming never want to think your president would lie,” he responded. “Someone is drastically misinforming him, and I would find out who that person is and fire him.”

If we’re going to fire this administration’s liars, let’s start by telling Mr. Drumpf, YOU’RE FIRED!! HAHA!


Manchin continued: “If someone’s misinforming, and basically the president’s buying it lock, stock, and barrel, something is drastically wrong.”

Indeed it is. Two possible ideas: Our president doesn’t think so good due to his advanced age and poor diet (be on gout watch!) and our major broadcast media channels are going to give Trump, who can’t go a solitary day without either lying or denigrating journalists, all the time he wants tonight to lie about how ISIS is coming across the Mexican border, or something.