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The failed bromance between Joe Scarborough and Donald Trump took another turn toward the terrible on Wednesday afternoon.

Feast your ears on"Amnesty Don," a country music song about Trump's immigration flip-flopping that Scarborough shared to his Facebook page, and just know that I'm sorry:

"He said he'd deport Mexicans before they raped our wives/And ban a billion Muslims before they took white lives/But then he won the primary, and his courage took a dive." Dylan-esque turns of phrase, this ain't.

Still, as far as Trump kryptonite goes, "Amnesty Don" absolutely delivers: Small hands, hints of impotence, accusations of electoral cowardice, and ultimately, a general diagnoses of racist psychosis—all bona fide Trump-bait sure to send the songs namesake into a frothy-mouthed rage.

The origins of "Amnesty Don" stretch back a full 72 hours before its August 31 release. On Monday's Morning Joe, Scarborough began hammering home the nickname in response to Trump's waffling on immigration policy. At one point during the broadcast, Scarborough mused "I've got a good idea… I think i need to write a song called 'Amnesty Don' and maybe circle it into, like, 'Trump the Musical.'" And thus, a hit was born.

This is not, in fact, Scarborough's first foray into twangy political songwriting. In 2011, the former GOP congressman released "Reason to Believe," an anti-war protest song featuring decidedly less tongue in cheek lyrics, like "In an endless war / Tell me please how many more have to die / Before my sweet boy comes home."

As for his latest musical venture, CNN notes that while Scarborough has posted the song on his personal social media outlets, it has not been shared through MSNBC's properties. The network declined CNN's request for comment.


As far as anti-Trump protest songs go, though, "Amnesty Don" isn't all that bad. All that's missing is the inevitable Twitter response from its namesake. That should be fun.

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