John Kasich 'Very Seriously' Considering Getting Thrashed By Trump Again in 2020

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Ohio Governor John Kasich is considering a 2020 run for President against Trump, thinking for some reason that there’s any point at all in running against the modern Republican party’s racist juggernaut from the position of “still Republican but more midwestern about it.”

Kasich would of course get crushed, but hey, seeing as his career now relies on him playing the Good Republican on TV, he gets to do this kind of thing every couple of weeks.


What Kasich’s entire schtick promises is that he’d brutalize social liberties, reinforce predatory capitalism and erode environmental protections like the rest of his party, but do it in a nicer way, without saying things like “grab them by the pussy” on tape. Seeing as he already got absolutely destroyed once by a guy who was totally fine with saying shit like that on tape and who is now an incumbent president, I can’t really imagine his weary dad routine is going to get him any more support from the howling masses of his party base, but it might give “moderate” Republicans a way to feel a little better about themselves when they vote for him in a primary (that he loses) before fake-reluctantly voting for Trump again in the general.

Either that, or he’s just saying bullshit like this to keep getting on TV for the next two years and run for Senate in Ohio in 2020 instead, who knows.

Contributing Writer, Splinter

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