John Kelly Reportedly Makes Brave Attempt to Not Directly Confront His Boss About Anything

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After his disastrous performance at his much-hyped Russian summit, President Donald Trump has spent the bulk of this week half-heartedly attempting to clean up, walk back, and generally move past his public meltdown alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin. It has not been going all that well.


According to Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman, though, while the Trump administration was hilariously attempting what could charitably be described as the “it was opposite day!” defense for Trump’s remarks, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was actively working to get congressional Republicans to tell the president he done messed up big time.

Citing “three sources familiar with the situation,” Sherman reported on Monday night that Kelly himself “called around to Republicans on Capitol Hill and gave them the go-ahead to speak out against Trump.”

Because if there’s anything that’ll definitely put Trump in his place once and for all, it’s some baby-soft criticism from congressional Republicans.

So far, in fact, the closest thing even resembling pushback to Trump’s latest snafu from Republican lawmakers is early-stage discussions of a possible “symbolic rebuke” in the form of a congressional resolution in support for the U.S.’ intelligence community.

Damn, watch out Mr. President! GOP’s comin’ in HOT!

Of course, if Kelly were seriously disturbed by Trump’s behavior he could always just, y’know, quit working for the president. But then he’d have to stop help locking up immigrant children, and, well, the man has his priorities. 

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