John McCain's Funeral Is Set To Be a Real Who's Who Of Bad Men and War Criminals

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John McCain is dead, which means there will be a funeral—one last chance for a parade of DC insiders and bad men to mythologize the late senator.

Among them, according to a Bloomberg reporter: literally Henry Kissinger, a war criminal who is somehow still drawing breath because the world is not fair.


George W. Bush, who’s gonna look like a real dilettante standing alongside Kissinger, is also slated to speak at McCain’s funeral on Saturday. And because the ghost of McCain’s “bipartisanship” will haunt us for years to come, he also requested former President Obama speak at the services, CBS News reported.

But because Donald Trump can’t even stomach the thought of so much as lowering flags to acknowledge the passing of someone he despised so much, Vice President Mike Pence is supposed to attend the services in his place. Try not to be a wallflower!!