John Oliver tears into Trump's budget plan that's terrible for poor people of color

Last week, the Trump administration released its 2018 budget proposal, which included eliminating Meals on Wheels and after school food programs for children, slashing EPA and public arts funding, and sweeping cuts to public housing.

Those cuts will hit low-income people of color especially hard across housing, food assistance, commerce, education, and many more areas.

John Oliver, on Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight, tried to make sense of this budget–which director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney has said was based on "taking [Trump's] words and turning them into policy or dollars."


This "highly scientific process," Oliver says, can't have been easy. "Translating the noises that come out of Trump's face into hard policy prescriptions is almost impossible."

Oliver continued: "It is sort of fitting that the list of budget cuts sort of scroll by like the end credits of America. Thanks for helping us out, Agriculture Department! Hope you find a gig with the next country that rises from our ashes."

He goes on to explore some of the seemingly off-the-cuff comments Trump has made over time that could be the basis for the policies Mulvaney put forward in the budget, but, he said, "I can't be certain because I don't speak fluent toddler psychopath."

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