Jon Stewart came out of retirement to explain just how insane the RNC convention was

On last night's episode of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert was so…moved by the news of Roger Ailes' resignation from Fox News that he summoned former Daily Show host Jon Stewart from the infinite void beneath his news desk.

The two political comedians took a moment to pour one out for Ailes, who was ousted after accusations of sexual harassment by a number of female Fox employees, before turning to the terrifying spectacle that was the Republican National Convention. There was the plagiarism, and the racism, and the Naziism and then, then were was Donald Trump's speech.

"Well the convention's over, I thought Donald Trump was going to speak," Stewart recounted. "Ivanka said that he was going to come out—she said he was really compassionate and generous, but this this angry groundhog came out and he just vomited on everybody for an hour."


Well. Put.

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