Julián Castro Go to Sleep Man What the Hell

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Julián Castro had a great night last night. The former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and mayor of San Antonio distinguished himself on an extremely crowded debate stage mostly by dismantling Beto O’Rourke on live TV. He celebrated this breakout performance by hitting the morning talk shows, among them ABC’s The View, where he revealed that—I’m sorry, what?—he hasn’t slept since the debate.


Julián, my man. Get some sleep, brother. You got a long race ahead of you, longer than most of us probably thought before last night. You did good! People recognized!

Despite all this, Castro held up pretty well, dealing with a predictably blockheaded line of questioning on immigration from Meghan McCain.

We get it my man, you are easily the most “woke” of the candidates (because you didn’t sleep). But you look exhausted! Take a nap! You don’t have to debate tonight, you’re good! Sheesh.