Just a Video of Trump Squeezing a Troop's Muscles

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President Donald Trump took a detour from his prepared remarks at the U.S. Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony today to enthusiastically feel the bicep of a soon-to-be commissioned second lieutenant and approvingly bobble his head like Olive Oyl ogling Popeye after he’d eaten 19 cans of spinach.

“Baseball! Home Run Derby! That’s something!” Trump gushed, calling the graduating cadet, 2018 College Home Run Derby champion Nic Ready, up to the podium.

“I wanna feel this guy’s muscles,” Trump said.


Trump, who played high school baseball himself, proceeded to do just that, confirming for the entire stadium of graduates, their families, and assorted military professionals that, yes, Ready does have big ol’ muscles.

At another point in his remarks, the president, a self-described “germaphobe,” said he had agreed to “shake every single hand” of the graduating class of around 1,000 cadets.


Congratulations to Nic and everyone else who got a presidential handshake! You made the president very happy. What a great day for the Air Force. What a great day for baseball. What a great day for America.