That is, you, isn’t it.

What a curious thing! Here are 10 jokes about this tweet.

1. Tfw you accidentally open the front-facing camera on your phone!!!

2. Ed Balls.

3. my man look like a turtle. turtle ass senator.

4. TAke a look, y’all: IMG_4346.jpeg.

5. Is this Tinder??????

6. When someone says Le Diplomate is overrated!!! (Le Diplomate is a trendy restaurant in Washington, D.C.’s popular 14th Street neighborhood. For this joke, you must live in Washington, D.C. and be familiar with upscale restaurants.)


7. “Big mood”

8. Pointy head much? Could do trigonometry on that head much?

And now, I can’t think of any more, so two tweets other people did that were actually good:





A spokesperson from Leahy’s office told Splinter: “We’re stumped too, and it doesn’t show up on our side. We located the URL and Leahy just tweeted ‘…yep, that’s me…’”

Fascinating. An early Halloween prank by an impish Senate ghost with access to Twitter, perhaps? Best of luck with the exorcism to the senator.