Justice Stephen Breyer has a startling number of conspiratorial thoughts about the Kim Kardashian robbery

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One of the judges who sits on the highest court in the land revealed on Tuesday that he has apparent doubts about whether Kim Kardashian was actually robbed at gunpoint by masked attackers in Paris.

During the first day of arguments for the court’s fall session, Justice Stephen Breyer turned into an all-out Kardashian robbery truther, evoking the reality TV star’s reportedly horrible ordeal, which a rep said left her “badly shaken,” in a question about a federal bank fraud case.


After asking an attorney to parse whether the defendant must be uninsured for an incident to qualify as theft, Breyer said, “Even Kardashian’s thief, if there is one, believes that all that jewelry is insured.”

Here’s that key bit once more: “If there is one.”

This raises some big questions—questions like "Wow, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is literally keeping up with Kim Kardashian?" and "Wow, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is literally keeping up with Kim Kardashian and has formulated a random conspiracy theory about her?!"


Breyer’s truther moment was first flagged by Chris Geidner, BuzzFeed’s SCOTUS reporter.

While much is still not known about the robbery, which occurred on Sunday night while Kardashian was in town for Paris Fashion Week, the details of the incident sound terrifying. After five men reportedly threatened a hotel concierge to lead them to Kardashian’s room, the suspects held a gun to her head and left her bound and gagged, while making off with around $10 million in jewelry along with other valuables. She was “physically unharmed,” according to her representative. Kardashian hasn’t publicly spoken about the incident.