Justin Bieber Slams Laura Ingraham, a Real Thing That Happened Today

Justin Bieber and Laura Ingraham
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Who knew that on the day the Mueller report dropped, I’d be blogging about a much more important crossover event: Justin Bieber and Laura Ingraham??

The recording artist absolutely went off on the Fox News host on Thursday in an Instagram post showing Ingraham laughing at rapper and activist Nipsey Hussle’s death just hours after his funeral last week. “Laura Ingraham absolutely disgusting what you did on national television,” Bieber wrote in his Instagram post. “How dare you laugh in the face of a person who has passed on....It’s absurd and you should be fired period.”


According to Consequence of Sound, Ingraham’s segment on Nipsey Hussle came a day after his memorial in Los Angeles, in which she pointed out that he was featured on a song titled “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump),” though she claimed that the song came out recently (it’s from 2016, prior to Trump’s election), and that it’s Nipsey’s song (it’s by rapper YG, Nipsey Hussle is just featured on it).

Ingraham then proceeded to play a clip of the song, then actually laughed, asking if it was “related to basically the lowest unemployment ever for African-Americans.” Again, the context of this segment was a memorial service for a man who was murdered not even three weeks ago.


Bieber is just the latest to call for Ingraham’s firing, following Snoop Dogg and T.I., who commented on and shared the video of the segment earlier this week.

Despite the mounting outrage, this is just another normal week for Ingraham, who is known for saying the most vile, repugnant things on her Fox News show. It’s doubtful she’ll lose her spot over this, but at the very least, now even more people know how awful Ingraham truly is.

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