Image by Kaptain Kobold/Flickr, Art by Alex Alvarez/Fusion

Justyn and Trustin are just two Y.U.M.s trying to navigate this fast-paced modern world with a dream in their hearts and a slouchy beanie on their heads. And they have some advice for you along the way, you funky dope millennial. Follow along as Justyn provides a good example of what to DO, and Trustin offers an example of what NOT to do when dealing with life's everyday problems. Think of them as Goofus and Gallant for a new generation, all grown up and wearing premium denim.


in festive attire.

Justyn and Trustin are going to attend the second weekend. But what should they wear?




Justyn knows that the sun and dust of Coachella Valley can be not only a nuisance, but a health risk. He plans to wear light clothing, a hat, and plenty of sunblock with SPF, as well as sturdy, close-toed shoes. When offered a stick-on bindi by a young woman wearing an ironic Confederate flag monokini and a floral crown, he declines, because he is not basic.



Trustin arrives at Coachella wearing a war bonnet, with which he hopes to honor native culture (all of it, all at once) while screaming "Woooooooo" and taking selfies in front of Katy Perry when she isn't looking. He further accessorizes with a bindi, although, as far as he knows, "Chakra" and "Brahman" are simply potential baby names.