We desperately need Kanye West's rants to stop trending because they are going from absurd to offensive overnight. The rapper most recently compared his stage performance for his Yeezus tour to being a police officer or at war. West says every time he goes on stage he's been putting his life at risk.


Ok… So I went to the Yeezus show a couple weeks ago, and granted the mountain on the stage (that he likes to remind you he designed) is pretty high and could potentially be dangerous if he slipped and fell, but comparing his life to that of a soldier at war or a cop on duty is just moronic. I mean, I'm sitting in a newsroom writing this story so I'm basically like Woodward and Bernstein, right?


I'm just sitting here aggregating celebrity gossip stories that we're sick of reading about, and Kanye West is just standing on a fake mountain set… NOT at war.


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