Kanye's Adidas lookbook: Torn sweaters, frayed sweatshirts and NSFW nudes

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First glimpses of Kanye West's Adidas Yeezy 1 collection lookbook have been released, and as you can imagine, the rather finicky designer/rapper has published a stylized magnum opus to the parkas and exposed derrières of his infamous collection.

According to Four Pins, the roughly 46-paged highly studied tome was reportedly handed out to all devotees who attended any evening of West's four-night Foundation Louis Vuitton concert-series in Paris over fashion week and is chock-full of artful but odd NSFW photography from Jackie Nickerson.


Inside, you'll see a bevy of ass shots of a faceless buxom model swathed in flesh-toned body stockings and leggings; a muscle-bound woman doing backbends in the nude; and even Kanye himself. It creates a veritable feast for the eyes of potential buyers and retailers of the collection.


Sprinkled in between moody atmospheric shots of desolate subway stops and garbage trucks, the highly contentious clothes are on display. The threadbare Matrix apocalyptic chic collection in all its glory features a cluster of seriously expensive holes and close-ups of a bulletproof best like the one North West was seen rocking.


However, once you get past the stocking caps and West's desperate need for this collection to be embraced by the fashion industry, you can spot a great coat, a respectable pair of pants, and even West's forward-thinking direction for athleisure.


None of it's in our price range, but hey, at least we now know his vision.

Check all the other obtusely artful images from the Adidas Yeezy 1 lookbook here.


Images via Four Pins.

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