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Katherine Heigl has long been considered one of Hollywood's most hated actresses, and her latest stunt certainly isn't doing much to help her image.

Heigl is back in the spotlight thanks to her $6 million lawsuit against Duane Reade, claiming that the pharmacy chain violated her civil rights by posting a paparazzi photo on their social media accounts. Here's the tweet at the center of the controversy:

UPDATE: Duane Reade has removed the tweet. Here's a screenshot from TMZ.

The complaint itself, available to read in full, provides plenty of fodder for Heigl-haters. Listed under "Facts," her lawyers tout her incredibly impressive career stats, making sure we all know that she's "a highly successful television and motion picture actress, producer and celebrity" and that "according to the film industry web-site, Plaintiff's films have grossed over one billion dollars worldwide."

As Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter points out, the suit may impact the way that corporations use social media, especially when dealing with celebrities. Legal impact aside, let's take a look at some other moments that helped make Katherine Heigl one of The Most Hated Women In Hollywood (Anne Hathaway, she's coming for your title).

When she slammed Knocked Up for being sexist

Knocked Up is the one movie in which Katherine Heigl is actually watchable. So when she called the film "sexist" in a Vanity Fair feature, critics immediately called her out for the inappropriate public grievance. And even though Seth Rogan forgave her and think-pieces at Slate praised her, the VF bitch-fest will always be fuel for the Heigl-haters' fire.


When she said Grey's Anatomy sucked

More or less. Heigl bowed out of the Emmy race in 2008, claiming that she was not "given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination" and did so "in an effort to maintain the integrity of the academy organization." So basically, the show that made her famous was no longer good enough to let her display her incredible acting abilities.

When she did a Nyquil ad


This one isn't that bad on it's own. It's actually a sad moment of decline and desperation in the career of a once-successful actress. But considering Heigl's constant claims of being a talented superstar (see above lawsuit), her appearance in an ad for ZzzQuil really undermined her credibility.

When she called out the Emmy's announcer for mispronouncing her name


Here's another one that seems pretty reasonable. The one job of the announcer is to pronounce the names of the celebrities correctly, so it should be perfectly fair to call someone out for a job poorly done. If this were Jennifer Lawrence we'd all be praising her for keeping it #real. Nonetheless, Heigl caught some flak on the Internets, probably because no one liked her to begin with.

No matter what other stunts she pulls, there's one thing we can all agree on: the club scene from Knocked Up is legendary.


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