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Swimmer Katie Ledecky has been winning enough gold at the Rio Olympics to build her own Trump Tower. But enough about that: what about her nail polish?

That's what a San Francisco Bay Area NBC affiliate wanted to know in a since-deleted tweet yesterday commenting on the athlete's cosmetics.

The tweet is now gone, but the post on the TV station's website that it linked to remains.

Fans not only cheered on Stanford University’s Katie Ledecky for her swimming miracles this week, but some were also in awe of her nails. Ledecky clapped her gleaming red-and-blue nail polish to her smiling face after she won her second gold medal Tuesday night, a sight that made many question aloud: How did she keep her nails from chipping? Jamberry nail wraps, maybe? Stickers? Shellac?


To be fair, the story is much better than it first appears, showcasing some impressive nail art from Olympic fans in Rio. But the tweet led many to question why the TV station was focusing on the tips of Ledecky's fingers and not the jewelry hanging from her neck.



Female athletes have had it rough this Olympic cycle. There's been mansplaining, body-shaming and some poor coverage and commentary choices. Get it together, NBC!