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Fox News is slated to air an interview with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who’s been accused of sexual misconduct by two women, tonight at 7 p.m. A clip of the interview released as a kind of teaser takes Kavanaugh’s defense to an even bleaker place than it’s already gone by claiming he couldn’t have assaulted these women because he was a virgin for a very long time. Please kill me!!

In a video clip of the interview, Kavanaugh says:

We’re talking about an allegation of sexual assault. I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone.

I did not have sexual intercourse, or anything close to sexual intercourse, in high school or for many years thereafter. And the girls from the schools I went to and I were friends —


When the interviewer, Fox News’ Martha MacCallum (who was one of the first on-air personalities to publicly defend Roger Ailes), presses him on exactly when he lost his virginity—in college or the years after?—Kavanaugh says he was a virgin for “many years after, I’ll leave it at that.”

This doesn’t disprove of the claims by Kavanaugh’s accusers. It’s just deeply cringe-worthy. This is all only going to get worse before it gets better.

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