Keira Knightley Talks Weird Sex Faces and Britney Spears

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Actress and smokeshow Kiera Knightley hit "The Graham Norton Show" to talk about her upcoming film, being mistaken for Britney Spears, and most importantly, about the sex faces she makes during movies.


In her new film, Begin Again, Knightley stars alongside Adam Levine (who plays a rockstar) and Mark Ruffalo (who plays a washed-up record exec). She sings a lot in the movie. Knightly is a good singer, it turns out, but her singing ability pales in comparison to her weird sex-face ability. So when Norton asks whether she’d rather - hypothetically - sing in front of an audience or make weird sex faces, Knightley recounts the story of a delightfully cringeworthy Skype session with director David Cronenberg. Here's what she has to say about rehearsing her sex faces for A Dangerous Method:

Next time you experience Skype Screen Freeze while you happen to be making the most hideous face possible (as is inevitably the case), remember: at least you're not making weird sex faces for a mega-director when the screen freezes.

Samuel L. Jackson also joined Knightley on "The Graham Norton Show," treating the audience to a rendition of his legendary Pulp Fiction speech:

If you're not familiar with the show, it could be because it's an import from Jolly Old England. Now in its 14th season, NPR's David Bianculli says it's "never been better."

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