Keith Olbermann to Dan Snyder: You're the 'Worst Person' in Sports

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Keith Olbermann took Daniel Snyder to task on his continued support of his racist team name, the Washington [Redacted], by honoring him with all three 'worst persons' in his "Three Worst Persons in the Sports World" list.


Last month, Snyder published an open letter, claiming he did his "homework" on the racist mascot issue by meeting with Native American communities across the United States. He said that he has pledged his support to various Native causes and announced the creation of a new nonprofit, the Washington [Redacted] Original Americans Foundation.

OAF–yes, "OAF" for short–was the title sponsor of a celebrity charity golf tournament held earlier this month in Chandler, Arizona to benefit Native American college students. But much of Indian Country questioned his motives.

Native American professional golfer and sports commentator, Notah Begay (Navajo, Isleta Pueblo and San Felipe Pueblo), who created a foundation aimed at preventing type 2 diabetes in Native American children, told USA TODAY Sports that Snyder's foundation is just "a gimmick…to try to offset some of the public disdain for the name of his football team."

"I don't think if a similar racially offensive word was used for the Hispanic, African American or Jewish communities that it would be tolerated. But because the American Indian people historically have not had much political leverage, or because we don't represent a great amount of buying power from a retail standpoint, we don't get the same level of treatment that everyone else in this country gets," said Begay.

Begay and his foundation weren't alone. The National Congress of American Indians, pulled their funding from the tournament, too, saying in a statement "Dan Snyder lives in a world where he can get his way throwing his money around. The reality is that he is stubbornly defending the use of a slur."


The National Indian Gaming Association, a nonprofit organization, also pulled its sponsorship of the event in protest.

And don't forget that Fusion has called Dan Snyder out, too. (When will he learn?)