Kellyanne Conway Bad-Mouths Hillary Clinton for What Donald Trump Does Every Chance He Gets

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If there’s one thing that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have in common, it’s that neither of them can stop talking about the 2016 election. While Clinton literally wrote a book on “What,” in her opinion, “Happened,” a Trump speech wouldn’t be legit if he didn’t harp on about how much and how hard he won.


So naturally, Kellyanne Conway, the president’s personal demogorgon, made an appearance on his favorite show, Fox & Friends, on Friday morning to do what she does best: provide truly insane and hypocritical commentary. Today she mocked Hillary Clinton for doing exactly what Trump does, because everything is a nightmare ouroboros and also there’s nothing Trump likes more than hearing about his domination over a woman.

The segment was in response to a speech Clinton gave at Rutgers University on Thursday night, where she discussed (you guessed it), the 2016 election and its aftermath. Clinton specifically addressed critics who told her to “shut up” and “go away” after the election, stating that she was “kind of struck” by the fact that no man who lost an election was treated that way.

In response, Conway told the panel of Friends: “She’s wrong comparing herself to those male candidates, Republican and Democratic, who lost presidential elections. They were much more gracious about it. The only conversation she’s having these days is about her and the 2016 election.”

Conway ridiculed Clinton for still talking about the election, playing the victim of sexism and something called “misogynism,” and only raking in $25,000 for the appearance (even though Trump gave Clinton hell for receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars for corporate speaking events).

If Hillary Clinton is being “ungracious” for talking about the historic election she lost, then I’m curious to know what her boss, who literally forces us to relive how he won the election on a near-daily basis (whether it’s various unrelated speeches or on Twitter), is doing.

We live in hell!

Isha is a staff reporter who covers pop culture, representation in media, and your new faves.