Appearing on Fox Business Network on Thursday, Conway said she wouldn’t resign from her position on her husband George’s accord because it would validate feminists, whom Conway has constantly criticized for not acknowledging her accomplishments as a woman, and who also don’t really believe that they should stand up for themselves to their controlling partners, or something.

“What message would that send to the feminists everywhere who pretend they’re independent thinkers and men don’t make decisions for them?” Conway said. “They can talk it, and I can walk it. I can live it.”


She went on to say that the president is just being “protective” of her in calling her spouse a “husband from hell,” and that Donald Trump has never made her feel like she’s had to choose between her job and her marriage.

However, despite it being these two very mouthy men who are making her home and work lives more difficult, Conway continued to blame feminists for giving her husband any attention, and evoked the strong Italian Catholic women in her life as the Real Feminists here:

I was raised though in a household of strong Italian Catholic women who taught me that you air grievances like that in private, so it is very surprising to see it be so public.


I certainly have had those conversations [about his tweeting]...Until this week, this was my private life, not my professional life. George is not, he’s not Bob Mueller...he can’t effectuate, he can’t act on his tweets in a way. And I don’t know when the feminists are going to write the story about the unusual situation of a man getting power through his wife, but that’s what we have here.


Conway’s cries aside, it is, uhh, pretty un-feminist for anyone to ask Conway to answer for a childish beef between two grown men that has nothing to do with her job itself. And yet she tries to use the tenets of feminism to make this the fault of feminism, all the while being unable to acknowledge that feminists refuse to recognize her career accomplishments because they’ve come at the cost of actual harm the Trump administration has inflicted upon other women, not to mention immigrants, Muslims, and basically anyone who isn’t wealthy and white.