Kellyanne Conway Goes Nuts Over Mildly Amusing John Kelly Story

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

If you were smart enough to skip President Donald Trump’s very stupid “double negative” comments yesterday, you likely missed the unintentionally hilarious moment when White House Chief of Staff John Kelly apparently turned the lights off right as Trump was talking about how much he loves America’s spies.


Here it is:

We know it was Kelly that was responsible for darkening the room thanks to Washington Post photographer Jabin Botsford, who was there when it happened and shared the moment things went dark on his Instagram feed.

Faced with the painfully on-the-nose metaphor of an administration literally in the dark, Senior White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway made a comically overheated attempt to rebuff the story during her Wednesday morning cleanup efforts on Fox & Friends.

“You know what is going on here,” Conway blathered after bizarrely insisting that Kelly hadn’t actually done the thing a journalist in the room saw him do, as if he was being accused of committing a crime and not a small accident:

Great economy, security around the world, tax cuts that are working. This is success, and, no but the president did make a joke about that: ‘Hey, I have full faith in the intelligence community.’ The lights went out, they went back on. It’s important he said that.

Whew, glad we got THAT settled!

Kelly, meanwhile, has been not-so-secretly telling congressional Republicans to just go ahead and be mildly critical of the president after his abysmal performance in Helsinki, because he’s a big tough guy who is presumably afraid of talking directly to his boss.

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